The 10 Funniest News Moments From Hurricane Irene

The estimated 7 billion dollars in damage caused by Hurricane Irene this weekend is no laughing matter but the best way to get through tragedy is to try and see the humor in everything. Perhaps if we laugh in the face of Mother Nature from this point forward she’ll stop being such a moody little […]

The 10 Greatest Videos Of Dogs Playing Sports

If you were to ask most men what are the five coolest things on Earth, most of them would include dogs and sports. The others things they would list would obviously be women, the Dodge Challenger, money, french fries, power boats, xBox 360, beer, Jessica Alba and… you know what, I think I just ruined […]

The 10 Greatest Farts In Live TV History

Congressman Barney Frank decided to let one fly on “The Rachel Maddow Show” last night and when he did, it sent it ripple effect throughout the internet airwaves. Sure it was a great live TV fart but there have been many more live farts before his. These are the farts, and this is their story… […]

The 20 Funniest Fail Compilation Videos Of All Time

If you’re having a bad day at work, the easiest way to fix it is with a fail compilation. It’s literally the next best thing to sexually harrassing yourself or chugging a glass of thousand islands dressing. And if that doesn’t work you can simply talk smack about your co-workers with other co-workers via instant […]

The 10 Greatest Moments In Kate Upton History… So Far

It’s amazing when you talk to other men about Kate Upton days. They literally have no words to describe how incredibly attractive she is and most of the time, all they can muster is the words “man, that girl is retardedly hot.” Now I usually don’t fall prey to the tricks of advertising and go […]

The 10 Funniest News Segments Rudely Interrupted By Animals

One of the best parts about being an animal is that you don’t have to abide by most of the lame laws and code of ethics created by human society. Mating and dating are much more simple and they get to sleep in almost every single day. The best part is they don’t have any […]

The 10 Funniest Fox Sports Bloopers Of All Time

Before the days of Fox Sports, sports fans could only watch their favorite local teams on rare occasions with lousy camerawork and announcers that were about as interesting as two drunks at your local bar. They also couldn’t enjoy the pure bliss that is Terry Bradsahw on the Fox NFL pregame show. Now all I […]

The 10 Most Amazing Foul Ball Catches In Baseball History

There’s been a lot of foul ball insanity going on lately and it’s probably further evidence that the Mayans were right about 2012. In the last two months alone a Red Sxo fan has caught a foul ball with a beer, a Phillies fan caught a foul ball without dropping his food and the Philly […]

The 20 Funniest Moments In Michael Scott History

Michael Scott’s reign as the Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin officially ends this Thursday, so we decided it was time to look back on some of his greatest comedic achievements over the over the last 7 seasons. Sure it’s a tough pill to swallow, but Michael Scott will no doubt go out on top and […]

The 10 Funniest Dancing With The Stars Bloopers

Kirstie Alley took a tumble on Dancing With The Stars last night and apparently so have the ratings of the show recently. While I will never truly understand the appeal of watching celebrities dance I do have a soft spot for watching them screw up. Hey, men have to do everything we can to prepare […]

The 10 Best Lightsaber Sports Videos Of All Time

Men stop whatever they’re whenever they hear lightsaber noises. It’s the technolgical equivalent of dangling piece of steak in front of their face and they’re helpless against its powers. So ladies, in case you’re wondering how to keep a man’s attention all the time, the answer is quite simple. Keep a lightsaber keychain on you […]

The 10 Funniest TV Preacher Videos Of All Time

I don’t remember much from my church going days as I child but I can tell you there are exactly 273 lights on the ceiling of that church. I can also tell you that if you mumble hymn songs while everyone else in singing, nobody can tell the difference. These days I enjoy praying to […]

The 10 Most Unclutch Moments In Lebron James History

Sure he was annoited “The King,” but these days Lebron James has a lot of other nicknames. Some people call him “King Chokes A Lot” while others call him “Mr. Unclutch.” With Lebron missing yet another game-winning/tying shot again today sending the Miami Heat to their 4th straight loss, I figured it was time to […]

The 10 Greatest Female Celebrity Burping Videos

When you open up the burp barrier with a woman it completely changes the relationship for the better. Believe me, there’s nothing better than going to Outback Steakhouse on a Friday night with a lovely lady, drinking some beer and burping your way through a lovely steak dinner. And once you’ve found a woman who […]