The 25 Funniest “That’s What She Said” Photos

Once you start saying “that’s what she said” it’s really hard to stop… that’s what she said. It’s the verbal equivalent of smoking cigarettes and once you catch a that’s what she said moment you’re brain gets thirsty for more. Sure it’s kinda rude and annoying because you’re putting words in other people’s mouth but […]

25 Scary Couples That Look Like Siblings

Men and women are always searching for someone that they’re compatible with and maybe the main problem with relationships today is that they’re not thinking on a higher level. Everyone is always trying to date someone that has similar tastes and interests and they fail to realize that the easiest solution is to date themselves. […]

25 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Mentally Challenged

Reese Witherspoon Hollywood is a very special place and it’s filled with a lot of very “special” people. Not only are they gifted artistically, but many of them have actually overcome the obstacles of mental retardation to achieve great success. Sure it’s mind-boggling to think that some of Hollywood’s biggest stars are in fact mentally […]

The 50 Most Perverted Newspaper Headlines Of All Time

The world is a dirty place and if you need proof of that, all you have to do is watch the local news every night. That’s precisely why I always get my daily news watching Conan while I eat a bowl of Captain Crunch. It’s true that ignorance is bliss and in case you were […]